Viola Karuri – Aibu (Out The Door)

Ogopa/Redlily; 2013

Dir. Ogopa Video

Singer/Songwriter/Audio Engineer Viola Karuri has finally released her first offering from her yet unnamed second albumThe track is entitled Aibu (Out The Door) and is obviously about getting rid of unnecessary drama from those better halves who behave as they are stuck in the Big Brother House with you, and the best option could be to eliminate yourself from the toxicity, yo! Now, while Aibu is a co-production with Ogopa Deejays, Viola’s experience in production could have come in handy to create a  nice twist to the signature Ogopa beat underlying the track with some interesting bits of instrumentation, something not everyone under the Ogopa label is keen to do. Her vocal abilities stay at par with when she initially burst into the scene a few years back. The video is also something good to look at more than once (Ogopa Video, duh!) and the concept matches the song well.


This is a good start to kick off Viola’s second album, a single sure to get quite a lot of airplay in the coming months. Do not attempt to box in her musical style just yet, a listen to her first album (or at least the lead single Nakupenda) is proof that she has the ability to be very versatile.