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The past two years or so have been particularly pivotal period to Visita’s musical career. He established himself as Grandpa Records’ producer-in-chief and was responsible for defining the label’s dominant sound through the success of hits such as Kamua LeoVile Kunaendaga and Chapa (Fimbo La Pili), a track with a beat so catchy that the label just had to remix the track beyond recognition and into its grave. 

Apart from production, Visita has also been able to reinvigorate his efforts as a recording artist by himself and as one half of Shida Mbili together with Kenrazy. His experimentation with a bunch of genres in his releases has been okay so far, the worst being a trap collaboration with Nessa. There is no doubt however that when he returns to more familiar territory – his usual bouncy, kapuka inspired beats backed up by his signature laugh – he can come up with a gem or two. His latest track, Elewa Lewa, just happens to be one of these. 

Elewa Lewa has a similar structure to the various stages of conversations that go down during a session of heavy drinking. Once you’re beyond tipsy, the conversation becomes more and more disorganized and all over the place. The alcohol lowers your inhibitions further and further and the conversation becomes louder and more animated. Eventually outrageous things may be said or done and some truths carelessly blurted out. Most of all, there’s a lot to laugh about.

In the same manner, Elewa Lewa‘s lyrics start off a bit tipsy, Visita dropping a braggy first verse about the success of his music so far. As the song progresses, the lyrics gradually become more disjointed and unpredictable in the funniest ways. Right in the middle of lecturing us about terrorism and demanding a moment of silence for dear departed, Visita suddenly turns his second verse into a hilarious anecdote about living life to the maximum before death comes knocking and sexually inexperienced men. The third verse is the funniest of the lot. Visita delivers a frenzied sermon about rogue pastors complete with a weird set of hallelujahs, finally remembering that he had not introduced himself.

The charm of this track is not only found in its catchy beat and lyrical delivery, Visita also triggers an unconscious call and response participation from the listener. Within the first thirty seconds you’ll find yourself belting out those ehees, ihiis and uhuus as if you’d practiced doing it all your life. Let’s just say it’s one of those things buried inside African genes. 

visita elewa lewa

The music video featuring comedian Smart Joker is just as enjoyable as the track itself with several of its own WTF! moments. Visita and his crew start off their day drinking traditional brew and staring into what looks like a crystal ball, before moving an office boardroom and finally turning a church into a dance floor, a scene that could bring to mind Dizzee Rascal’s Bassline Junkie music video. Blaming it on the alcohol is the general theme here. It must have been a fun music vid to make, as most of the supporting cast can clearly be seen trying to hold back their laughter. Fun times indeed.


Elewa Lewa is an instantly enjoyable track that is also generous enough invite the listener to participate. Combined with an infectious beat, lyrics that give of an “it’s never that serious” vibe and hilarious delivery, this is probably Visita’s best solo track to date. The production in this track makes it easy to see why Grandpa Records’ releases tend to be received positively. 

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