Weekend Wrap #1: Deconstructing Nishike, #Faded Reactions + More

Adelle Onyango Faded

After much tinkering about, we finally resolved to kill off our Best Of column and replace it with a more well-rounded and inclusive feature that will either highlight  video or audio content that we’ve bumped into or whichever interesting topics we goddamn please.  We’re calling it Weekend Wrap. Let’s get to it then.

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Different Folks’ React to Adele’s Faded

If you didn’t know already, KISS FM presenter Adelle Onyango is dropping her very first single on Monday 12th May. It’s called Faded and is produced by Motion Image & Sound’s Jaaz Odongo who normally does no wrong production wise. A few lucky ones, including Victoria Kimani, Fena, Kalekye Mumo, Wendy Kimani, Yvonne Darcq, TAIO  and fashionista Ess got the first listen Here’s their reaction in video as we wait for Monday:

Africa is a Country? 

More than half of America cannot point out the rough location of Kenya (or any other African country) on a map. That shouldn’t be an excuse for NBC news anchor Brian Wiliams who stated that the Boko Haram abduction of 276 schoolgirls  took place in Kenya and not Nigeria. Granted, he has since apologised in good time before the heavy hand of #KOT descended upon him, attributing the error to haste in preparing the report.

Sauti Sol Talk Nishike and Songs About Sex

This afro-pop ensemble was on Larry Madowo’s The Trend on Friday, trying to break down the thought process behind their new track Nishike. According to them, it was all about breaking boundaries and stretching the limits of how artists express themselves to deal with topics that are conservative.At the same time they question the double standard of restricting or banning local content while extremely raunchier foreign content is given carte blanche. Is that why Kenyan music is not making any traction outside the East African region? Memories of sex-y Kenyan songs also found its way into the conservation including Flexx’s Nyundo which we insist is a good song, never mind Larry. 

Hopefully the Last “Happy” Video

There was a point in time this year when your Pharrell Williams’ Happy song dancing skills could have been a legitimate selling point during a job interview. Everybody and their grandmother’s company has gone HAM on that track since it hit the charts. Y’all even made Pharrell shed tears on Oprah recently, probably because nobody has figured out a way of making  the trend STOP! Here’s the latest Kenyan version from Riverwood Award winner Muchiri Mentor and his gang from the film Gicagi. 

Music Videos We’re Digging

Anto NeoSoul – Addicted

The second video release off Anto NeoSoul’s debut album.

Iddi Hemed – Usijali

From Tedd Josiah’s brand new Sand Stone Studio’s label comes a brand new artist doing a brand new flavour of R&B dubbed “SwaRnB”. He’s called Iddi. Iddi Hemed. Don’t know how he prefers his martinis though.

Khuli Chana ft Da L.E.S & Magesh – Hape Le Hape 2.1

Perfect Sunday track. Gotta love this South African emcee. 

Davido ft, Mafikizolo – Tchelete (Goodlife)

The South – West musical collaboration run continues to be stronger than ever. This time Davido links up with Mafikizolo for this Oskido produced track.

Yemi Alade – Johnny

Sounds like a reply to WizKid’s and Starboy’s Caro. Comes in a very entertaining music video, something to laugh about, or not, depending on whether you have an irresponsible baby daddy.

Renee – Never Let You Go

She first featured in Coola Gang’s Kata Kiuno and now is back with her first official solo project.