Pace – Twende Safari

Pace Twende Safari

Provoke Music / Lewiskko Music; 2014

Dir. Ogopa Video

From the looks of things, Kenyan artist Pace has finally managed to elevate his single Twende Safari to hit status through the video release, a full six months after exposing the audio version to public scrutiny. Yes, the music video has done its job and given this track a much needed new lease of life just when it was on the verge of joining the list of the most underrated Kenyan jams.

Twende Safari as the title suggests, is a track tailor made for the weekends and road trips. In his rather unusual rapping style (which he prefers to call melodious rap), Pace makes a great case for why you shouldn’t stay in this and any other weekend because the grass is indeed greener in the countryside, away from hustle and bustle of they city and it’s prowling gangs of #TeamMafisi. Some of the out-of-the-box make it even more entertaining: “Nairobi City/ Wanasema huko life ndio fiti/ Wapi? Nilihama na dem yangu nikashangaa huko ndio mafisi wako..”  Kevin Provoke lays a superb beat on this track full of laid back soulful house goodness, that would no doubt sound even better in a live performance setting.

Pace Twende Safari

Music video gurus Ogopa Video are responsible for the equally entertaining music video centred around a road trip on a perfect sunny day. There are some really stunning time lapse shots in there that work really well with the track. Overall, every aspect of this production fits into each other with great ease.


Twende Safari is one of the stand out tracks of this year and should quickly start to be a top pick among roadtrip and outdoor party anthems.