khaligraph jones fuck off

Khaligraph Jones – Fuck Off

Big Beats/DJ 10Tonnes; 2013

Dir. Mushking

Seasoned emcee Khaligraph Jones has followed up the audio release of this track (essentially part of his Khaligraph Jones Chronicles mixtape series) with a spanking new video. True to his battle rap roots, Fuck Off  serves K. Jones well as both a diss track and an demonstration of lyrical skill. He hops on The Game’s Jesus Piece beat and goes ahead to rip apart nearly everyone in his path in around 50-something bars, everyone including the  cats he used to roll with back in the Room 16 days who have apparently not “shown up” and even all of us 254 critics (What did we do to you, Khaligraph? What? *sob*). Oh yeah, the chorus is not spared and also told to fuck off – “The Real Baba Yao” spits non-stop for three minutes flat with a insistent flow that gets me thinking of how easily he could pull a 300 Bars on us lesser beings.

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The vid was whipped up by Mushking  of Twinkle World Films which is steadily claiming a good slice of  the music video production cake of late. The main scene is of Khaligraph and his crew chilling in an empty abandoned space, creating the feeling of a rap battle venue which is definitely not going to happen because nobody has shown up to challenge his crew. Watch out for his femcee buddy Xtatic who makes a cameo appearance midway.


This is Khaligraph at his best, doing what he he does best – battle rap.The only way this can get better is if somebody comes up with a response soon.