Khaligraph Jones – Ting Badi Malo ft. Chris Kantai

Blu Ink
Dir. Johnson Kyalo
Lyrical Content
Music Video

Whether you like it or not, Khaligraph Jones is Kenya’s rapper of the moment and his stats speak for themselves. Aside from blessing us with the trap anthem that was Yego, Jones was the most featured rapper of 2015 thanks to the consistency of his delivery and lyrical content. He was dropping guest verses literally everywhere and for almost everyone that mattered – from debutants like Phy and Otile Brown to industry heavyweights such as Wyre and Muthoni the Drummer Queen. It seems like the status quo  will be maintained this year. ‘Papa Jones’ is gearing towards the release of his first EP with two new singles released already: Naked and Ting Badi Malo  featuring Chris Kantai.

Alluding to the Gidi Gidi Maji Maji classicTing Badi Malo maps out Khaligraph Jones’ mission statement: to continue making music that will keep your hands in the air and make a lot of money in the process. Flowing effortlessly on a bass heavy but unintrusive trap beat produced by Motif, Khaligraph addresses the proverbial hater’s usual points of attack, including his accent. His conclusion: “Your girl must like me / Nigga, that’s why you hate me…” Chris Kantai doesn’t bring all the goods to his verse though. He maintains his trademark slow delivery but without the kind of punchlines that made songs like Jinga Hii  so good. 


The music video is handled by Jones go-to director Johnson Kyalo. Even though Kyalo is a bit too liberal with the visual effects (that explosion), he does manage to capture some sweet aerial and close up shots. There’s nothing to complain about, really. 


Khaligraoh continues his consistent run with Ting Badi Malo. However, the exciting prospect of a collaboration with Chris Kantai didn’t live up to expectations when all was said and done. It’s still good to have the hip hop veteran back in the scene.