Lady Karun’s Ladybug Project

Sound Mind; 2013

Dir. Andrew Mageto

Weekly Webisodes

Miss Karun ( or Karun, as she’d like to be called now) is making final touches to her solo debut album which is set for release sometime next month. As a lead-up to the launch, she and her team of creatives have embarked on a documentary series dubbed Ladybug Project which covers the final few weeks before the launch in weekly webisodes released on Karun’s YouTube channel. We’ve held back a review for a few episodes to see the kind of approach the series would take. It is a very focused series that for the larger part concentrates on preparations for the launch – do not expect to see her talking moodily into her laptop camera Beyoncé-style. Even though series does not do much to peel into the more personal side of Karun, it is a no-bullshit demonstration of Karun and her team’s creative process instead. At the end of the day, it drops some useful hints for budding artists, producers and record labels on how to handle an album launch.

The series reveals the team behind the launch which includes Jaaz Odongo and Kagwe Mungai on the musical end of things, fashion consultant Katungulu Mwendwa, and graphic designer Patrick Munyi. We are taken through the hustle and bustle related with the launch D-Day (photo shoots, performances, styling, accessorizing, interviews, looking for size 3 shoes, improvising with spray paint to make gold chains etc.) and other playful shenanigans such as Jaaz and Kagwe quickly whipping up a Naija movie soundtrack. It is a mix of work and play, but mostly work. The overriding message throughout the documentary is that a lot more than just raw talent is needed to make it in the music business. The artist needs to surround herself/himself with people who can add some value to the artist’s brand and also help in the management of all the side issues that come in the way.

The series is beautifully shot by Andrew Mageto and accompanied by a bunch of great soundtracks from Sound Mind including Fena and Kagwe’s Dutch on episode 4.


The documentary is a great way for Karun to further distinguish her brand from that of Camp Mulla and a great way to keep fans and other curious one engaged right up to the moment she will drop the album.