khaligraph jones fuck off

Sample Sunday: Khaligraph Jones – Fuck Off

Now, we already did a review of Khaligraph Jones’ diss track Fuck Off  a fortnight ago. It’s back on topic again this time to break down the sampling. For anyone who has been listening to American rapper Game of late will spot the sample on Khaligraph Jones track pretty easily too. 

Fuck Off samples Game’s Jesus Piece off the album of the same name and featuring Common and his fellow Chicago-bred rapper Kanye West. Although Kanye does not get a verse, the production has typical Kanye elements, such as the “huh” at the end of every damn line. Kanye didn’t produce it either but you wouldn’t be faullted for thinking he did. Khaligraph Jones slightly slows down the beats, brings the key down a bit and muffles most the instrumentals from Jesus Piece. Here’s Game’s version below for a comparison:


It’s an interesting choice of sample by Khaligraph that tempts one to draw parallels between him and Game of the days just after breaking off from G-Unit. Khaligraph is just as antagonistic as Game was back then. He is ready to kick up a storm with anyone and at anytime. In fact our review mentions that he is probably the one local emcee who can emulate Game’s epic diss track 300 Bars and Runnin’ which really escalated the beef between himself and members of G-Unit.

PS: Oh crap, it’s Monday not Sunday!!! Kinda beats the logic of the title but shit happens sometimes. For the most part, this feature will be showing up on the right day. No worries…